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NOTE: requires 1080p (or greater) monitor resolution. Anything lower than that seems to cut off the edges of the screen. Seems to be a limitation in Game Maker that makes it very hard to scale down games built for HD.

This is an unfinished prototype I worked on back around 2012. I wanted to do my own take on classic, limited Castlevania gameplay with more open-ended level design and plenty of secrets. While I'm not 100% happy with the results I got here and ultimately chose to move to other projects (and other engines), I still think it looks and plays well enough to share.

There is no title screen and menus aren't fully functional (though 'respawn' does work) but other than some sounds and details, what's here is fairly complete.

This would have been a 'mid-game' level, so the small semblance of a narrative here is... well, beyond being a little broken, it won't make a lot of sense. The NPC you talk to repeats their dialogue the second time you meet them. Just never got around to implementing more than the one conversation, and it's been too long to go back and add more. The level is fairly complete, though, with quite a few secrets to find and a boss at the end! I wanted to have a couple more enemy designs for this level (especially a flying one with projectiles) but ended up using enemies I had made for other levels, though.

I hope you guys enjoy it~


Movement: Arrow keys, gamepad d-pad, gamepad left analog stick

Jump: Z key, gamepad "A" button

Attack (after acquiring a weapon): X key, gamepad "X" button


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